Spring Hair – Indian Remy? Yes, Please!


I recently heard of a new company that is specializing in Indian Hair Extensions or Weave called Bollyweave. Now when I first heard the name I thought it was a bit of a rip off but totally catchcy. We all know about India’s thriving movie industry often referred to as Bollywood or have at least seen Slum Dog Millionare, so we all heard of Bollywood….. but Bollyweave? What the what!

Well it turns out that this up and coming company isn’t just out for a quick buck, but actually knows what we ‘Women’ are looking for; when it comes to quality hair. I recently emailed Bollyweave to make some inquiries about there hair. I got an immediate response.

I asked the following:

Could you please explain the
    difference between virgin remy and Indian remy hair? I thought all your      hair
    was unprocessed virgin remy hair from Indian women.

The response:

All of our hair is virgin and un processed. The premium is a finer
quality and is more labor intensive.The hairs are matched more
precisely to wave and curl pattern. 100% no grey and the greys are
removed by hand which takes hours and days. One of the biggest added
cost to the premium line is labor.

We are staring on colors soon, which is Virgin hair that has been
lifted to lighter browns and and blonds due to so many request.  Since
dying is a process, these hairs will be listed in the Remy section. As
you know the term Remy means cuticle going in the same direction. It
is difficult to see the difference from the Remy and Premium from the
eye. I can only tell by  the feel and the premium is always slightly
softer.because it has been handled so carefully. I could go on and on
( which I plan to do in videos , soon as I get a chance) but I hope
this helps explain a bit.

Just so you know I am in India and there is no middle man in our
business, It is just me and my partner back and forth from the U.S. to
India. We only sell Indian hairs from the south Indian temples so our
hair is quite thick, The climate is humid in South India and the air
is moist which produces stronger hair. North Indian in general is
thinner because it is cold. and has less body, It is sometimes
resembles Chinese hair, because geographically north India is right
next to China. Also north Indian hair is quite flat with less body and
volume. Sorry if I am rambling on but I really want you to get an
understanding of our product.

The Indian hair business is very
complex and we and to be as transparent as possible for our customers.

Needless to say I was very much impressed with this level of customer service from a hair company. I can’t wait to get my hands on some curly hair from them. I’m so excited to find a company selling quality hair, that can or will actually talk to you, and value you as a customer.

I feel like a valued customer and will tell everyone I know about this great company with exceptional customer service.

Bollyweave you are off to a great start!

Please use this referral code if you order from bollyweave KTHT -37410


Good Bye…..2011


I’m so glad this year is almost over! In eight days it will be 2012 and it can’t come soon enough. I’ve experienced more drama, bull-shit, fear, hope, blessings and change then I can handle. Yet, they say God only gives you what you can bear or something like that.

Well i’ve had cousins who tried to get me fired from my job, arrested, break up my relationship, and all out destroy me. Not to mention a petty ass aunt who did some super childish ass shit and call my job trying to stir shit up with silly ass gossip about me…..really? Fucking 2011 has been a bitch. Oh yeah, let’s not forget the ex who kept coming back….but of course that was my bad….thank god for clarity in the month of August! The summer months came with a venegence and if it weren’t for my daughter we may have been homeless, thank god, I raised these kids right! Had another ex who talked about me 25/8 to his current girlfriend, who in turn ran her ass to me in tears…..motivation to be a writer!


Interview after interview, excatly 1,035 job applications, 7 interviews and no job offers I knew it was time to make a long time dream a reality. Hell I had nothing to lose by stepping out on faith and making www.atecka.com a reality. I had a sink or swim mentality……I’m treading water and loving it !!!

While i’m doing that unexpected blessings have came my way. Getting a full-time teaching role as a Professor of Introduction to Programming in C++ and Java is the shit!!! Very happy excited about it and loved it thus far. This showed me without a doubt that God answers prayers in his own time and unexpectedly….thank you Baby Jesus 🙂

I’ve came out of a tumultuous year, stronger, happier, more confident and more determined then ever before. I realized that I have a lot of talent, skill and beauty to sale it all. So i’m going to take what God gave me to sale my BIG IDEA!

2012 – the year that some say is the end of times due to there misreading of the Myan Calendar  – but I say this is the year of self worth, dreams, and a coming out!!!  A year of making it not faking it!!!

Goodbye 2011, I will not miss you.

Thank you for showing me that God is my protector, trust should be earned not given, love is a wonderful thing, children are a blessing and should always be protected, dogs are great pets, beer is my friend in moderation, insanity workout does WORK, my best friends from high school are incredible women (thank you God for letting us be friends), my sisters are women and I will try not to treat them like children, my daughter can handle her shit without me, and it is ok to …..no it is soooooo good to chase a dream and believe in myself.

Hello 2012

P.S. A chance at a real love does not end because your 36 Khallai. Remember you were born beautiful, with a body that can make a 21 year stop in his tracks and a Oxford grad have to think twice before he speaks. It’s ok to be 36 and single 🙂 Indeed!!


Romance your Man with Bacalao


If you think that a gourmet dinner is what they serve at Red Lobster then this dish would not be for you and your man. However, if you are accustom to dining at unique one of a kind restaurants then you should give Bacalao con Arroz a go.

I love bacalao, but it took me a few years to figure out how to prepare it properly.  Even though my Puerto Rican step father cooked t with damn near every meal. Yet I learned nothing as a defiante teenager, Oh well…..back to it… After all my trial an error of trying to eat it without soaking it in water…..complete disaster…..then trying to eat it after soaking it for an hour…..damn near choked from salt overload…. to leaving it out on the counter and having my entire apartment smelling like monkey ass cheeks on fire. I finally figured out that it had to soak in water for days. Thanks to google!! I freaking love technology…anyway once I got it together I made this for a male friend who loved it. I figured I would share it cause it would be a great dinner for a romantic night in and it would impress the shit out of him. Allowing you to show that you have mad skills in the kitchen beyond the standard everyday meals. Before attempting this please read the cooking directions and watch the prep video for bacalao, so you don’t jack it up or give his ass a heart attack. DO NOT use any addtional salt or season salt on this dish. It’s not needed. I would serve this with white wine (moscato or risling). Quick tips: Send the kids away (family, friends just out the house), make the table look pretty and sophisticated.

Just use your imagination and what you have at home. If you need something else hit up the dollar store and grab a few things that you can work with to make it feel fancy. Everyone likes to feel appreciate even dudes! Well that’s my two cents and below are my recipes….Go Do It Girl – Get Your Cook On 🙂

Appetizer to be served with toasted ciabatta bread

Olive salad:

Large green olives

Medium black olives

Green Bell Peppers

Fresh Dill

Fresh Italian Parsley

1 Garlic clove

1 Lime

1/2 Lemon

Olive Oil (Basil infused)

1 teaspoon small cappers



Rinse olives off, then mix in a bowl (if you want to stretch the olives use pitt-less olives and slice them in half). Chop bell pepper and garlic, slice lime and lemon, add items to bowl with olives. Squeeze lemon and lime juice over olives (keeping the sliced lime and lemon in the bowl). Add teaspoon on Olive oil, mix in herbs & cappers. Season with salt and pepper. Let sit in fridge for a few hours. Mix before serving.

Prepping Bacalao 

In case you were unaware of the fact that Bacalao will damn near clog every artery in your body from the intense salt on it. It’s imperative that you soak the Bacalao in water for 2  to 3 days before cooking it. Simply take it out the bag or wrapper, cut the amount you want to used and submerge it in water. Place it in the fridge and let the salt dissolve.

Once its ready -the Bacalao or salted cod (as it is called in English). You will need to cut it into sections and remove any scales from the skin. Since you had it soaking in water the scales will slide right off when you rub the skin. Rub it in one direction very lightly. Have some water close or do this over the sink so you can rinse your fingers as needed.

Time to make some Bacalao

Bacalao con Arroz:


1 1/2 cup of long grain rice

2 dried tomatos

1 tsp olive oil (garlic chili infused)

cook rice for 20 mins in water, add oil to water, drain, turn off heat. Chop dried tomatos and add to rice, mix and sit to the side.


1 bacalao (salted cod)

2 1/2 cups Olive oil (EVOO)

2 crushed garlic cloves

1  Onion (white)

1/4 pound of dried tomatos (they should be soaked in olive oil before adding)

Fresh Dill

In a medium pan pour in oil add garlic, fresh dill and slice of onion. Cook on medium heat. When oil is hot add the bacalao skin side up. Cook for about 7 mins untill white salt bubbles surface. Remove fish from oil and drain. Turn heat down very low and slowly & gently stir the oil foe 2 mins. turn heat off. Comtinue to mix the oil till cool. Once it’s cool pour the mixture (include the onions and garlic) in blender and blend until it forms a creamy like liquid. The cool will turn yellowish.

Using the same pan add in the rest of the onion slices and the dried tomatoes. Also add in more dill and parsley. Sautee lightly for about 2-3 mins.

Serve the bacalao over rice. Pour over sauce and add sauted onions and dried tomatoes.

Labor Day – Brisket & Beer


Since it’s a holiday and all, I figured i’d whip up a little something for my brats. I went to Walmart at 5:00am this morning hoping to beat the crowd. It was a great time to go but I should have ate before I went in there cause I was so hungry I couldn’t remember what I went in there for. Reminder to self never go grocery shopping when your hungry, dumb ass!

My second trip later on was to HEB, I had a list, and I was focused on the ingredients I needed to cook. In and out. That’s more like it. The kids are getting Brisket, fried corn, mac & cheese, Blue cheese and herb hamburgers, guacamole & chips , with a side of garlic butter roasted beets. Of course I need something to get me motivated, so i’m indulging in a hearty glass or two of ice cold Guinness.

Lay’s Mac & Cheese:

5 cups of elbow noodles

1 cup sour cream

1 cup heavy whipping cream ( or substitute this for milk)

1 cup milk (do not use skim milk or soy milk)

1 pack of Sharp Chedder

1 pack of Colby Jack

1 pack of Mozzarella  Cheese

Season Salt




7 lb Brisket (Big ass piece of beef)

Montreal Steak seasoning

Olive oil

1/4 cup Red wine

Jerk Seasoning

Black pepper

Creole seasoning


A1 Steak marinade

Jim Bean Barbecue sauce


Roasted Garlic Butter Beets:

1/2 lb of beets (about 10 small/ medium beets)

4 tlbs salted butter

4 garlic cloves

1/2 cup Red wine






Kinky Curly Summer Hair


AAMH Kinky Curly

I figured it’s time that I talked about my hair. Well rather my love of weave. I have a hair addiction I must admit. I just can’t help it. Hair is like a really great pair of comfortable shoes, you love to wear them, and there comfortable. You just can’t beat that!

I installed 4 oz of kinky curly hair from AAHM in June. As you can see I colored it just to jazz it up a bit. I bought the hair because I have been transitioning from relaxed to natural hair since October 2010 and I wanted something for length but would blend well with my 4b/c hair type. This hair does it well, but the up keep is a bitch. Because I still have relaxed ends its a hassle to blend my ends, but my new growth matches perfectly. I’m not ready for the big chop nor do I plan on doing it. I believe in gradual reduction not a massive cut off. Anyway since the fall is finally approaching I am thinking of switching it up and doing a full sew in of Arjuni hair. I’ve been stalking that brand since ’09 but i’ve been hesitant do to the convoluted ordering process. It seems that they have gotten it together and made it much easier to order.

I’m debating on making a closure using the Arjuni hair or just buying one. I’ve bought closures before but they have been hit or miss, none have lasted more then two installs and that’s bullshit for $140 and up a pop! Whatever I decide I will write about it on my blog, so I don’t forget 🙂

Sesame Chicken Wings


This is a quick and easy kid friendly recipe. Just thought i’d share it.

Sesame Chicken Wings

12 chicken wings

1/3 cup sesame oil

1/3 cup teriyaki

white seasme seeds

season salt

Mix oil and teriyaki in a large bowl. Fold chicken wings, place in the bowl and coat the chicken with the liquid. Place the chicken on a flat pan and pour the reminder of the sauce on the chicken. Season to taste with season salt & sesame seeds. Cover the chicken in honey then bake for 45 mins to an hour till the chicken is crispy.



Things are definitely looking up! After being faced with yet another challenging situation I managed to come out ahead. Thank God. I kept a level head.

Now it’s about time to go back to work. I can’t wait! I’m so ready to start teaching and to start my graduate classes. It’s time for a brand new start and I’m ready to get it popping!!! Holla 🙂